Argentina vs. Nigeria – Where To Watch

When it comes to big games at the World Cup, few, if any, games are bigger than the upcoming game between Argentina and Nigeria.  We will be showing the entire game this Tuesday starting at 11:00 a.m. PST at Flaming Ice.

Argentina were an outside favourite for winning the 2018 World Cup however they have looked awful in their first two matches, only getting one point in the two games combined.  Nigeria, on the other hand, with their 2-0 win over Iceland, has looked far better and a win or draw against Argentina guarantees them a spot in the next round.  Argentina needs to beat Nigeria and even that might not be enough to guarantee them a spot.  If Argentina win, and Iceland loses, they will go through.  If Argentina wins, and Iceland wins – Argentina needs to have the better goal differential to get through.  In a nutshell, Argentina has to win, and preferably win real big, to get through to the next round.  This is a tall task given how well Nigeria have played this World Cup.

It is also quite likely that Argentina will go with a new look for the game, with Di Maria, Aguero, and Messi as their attacking trident.  Expect a switch up at goaltender and a new shape engineered to win by a large margin.