Watching the NHL Games: The Excitement Continues With Vancouver Canucks

National Hockey League is a sporting event that has a long history, dating back to November 26, 1917. Being a professional Ice Hockey League, it contains 31 teams with Vegas Golden Knights joining in the 2017-2018 season. With a total of 82-games for a regular season, expect so many excitements and thrills. It’s time to watch the Vancouver Canucks do their thing!

Reasons to watch the Vancouver Canucks at Flaming Ice

There are a lot of reasons to watch the Canucks with us.  First off, we have daily food specials that you won’t want to miss out on.  Whether it is our exotic burgers (Alligator, Wild Boar, Kangaroo) or our delicious wings and / or nachos – we have something that is guaranteed to delight.

Similarly, we are running beer and drink specials all the time.  Come try out our latest micro or craft brew on tap or come enjoy a pitcher with your friends, we’ve got a variety of beers and beer specials for every game.

Where to Watch in Surrey?

This is easy!  Come down to Flaming Ice in Surrey, B.C., and watch every single Vancouver Canucks game!  Telecasting the NHL is the sole right of national and regional broadcasters in USA and Canada. Rogers Media holds the rights in Canada while the playoffs are split between Sportsnet and CBC Channels. English and Spanish Language rights are handed to NBC.